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Leader of the “Free Hemp” association is about to become a politician, to fight for freedom of his parents

Janusz Palikot

Janusz Palikot

Janusz Palikot, Polish politician wants to waive his parliamentary mandate in favor of Andrzej Dołecki, leader of the “Free Hemp” association, so that he could fight for the freedom of his parents imprisoned for transporting RSO oil into Poland.


Andrzej Dołecki

Andrzej Dołecki, leader of the “Free Hemp (Wolne Konopie )” has a chance to become a politician for 2 months till the end of the parliamentary cadence. Janusz Palikot said that by this action he wanted to support case of Andrzej Dołecki parent’s that are accused of irrational allegation of transporting one kg of RSO oil into Poland.

Free Hemp association has already sent an appeal to Minister of Justice:

Dear Minister of Justice

We ask you with an appeal to release and clear charges against Mr, and Mr’s Dołeckich from presented allegations of smuggling oil from hemp, also called RSO.

We are dealing with a unique situation. We’re talking about bringing the oil, which is presently not recognized as a medicine and is illegal, but which – as we know from researches and medical observations – saves people’s lives.

Justice should take into account that Ewa and Dariusz Dołeccy were guided by the desire to rescue life of close relative. Mother of Mr. Dariusz is recognized with chemo-resistant pancreatic cancer.

We incorporated by reference in this appeal on Art. 47 which says that every citizen has the right to legal protection of private and family life, honor and good reputation and to make decisions about his personal live, and in art. 68 of the Polish Constitution, which guarantees the right to health and life.

Minister of Justice. We call for fair treatment of people at risk of long-term imprisonment, and whose only motivation was not robbing or killing, only a desire to save lives.



Andrzej and Ewa Dołeccy

Mr. and Mr’s Dołeccy could face 15 year’s in prison due to posessing 1 kg of cannabis oil and transporting it through the Polish border.

Janusz Palikot also added that with the latest case of “smart drugs” that sent hundreds of people to hospitals and killed dozens of them in Poland, a man that was responsible for selling the poison was free after paying 10k bail. In the case of Andrzej parent’s, it was not possible…

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