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Polish “Child Health Center” and marijuana? They just banned the only doctor, that cured children’s with cannabis

Marek Bachański

Marek Bachański

Dr. Marek Bachański – Specialist degree in paediatrics and second degree in the field of pediatric neurology is having a hard time after CZD ( Child Health Center, in Polish: Centrum Zdrowia Dziecka) accused him of breaking the law and irresponsibility for treating 9 children’s with medical cannabis. Official’s of CZD have groundlessly accused doctor Bachański raising a national news coverage. He was deprived of the possibility of speaking in public about medical cannabis and his patients couple week’s before CZD officially removed him from his patients, on the day that he was intended to be on “Cannabis Heals” conference, where he wanted to say about great benefits that marijuana has brought to patients with drug-resistant epilepsy.

Firsly,  he didn’t break any law and even Minister of Health doesn’t agree with CZD opinion about the doctor. Children’s under Bachański supervision were treated by legally obtained cannabis ( Bedrocan) which is just a medically grown cannabis sold in form of buds and patients made butter from it. From almost a year he treated his patients fully legal, where many institutions had to sign every application to bring cannabis from Netherlands so CZD accusations seem to be simply an attempt to destroy the doctor.


Dorota Gudaniec and her son, Max

Dr. Bachański is the first Polish doctor that tried to use medical cannabis in very young patients that in some cases had 200-300 seizures a day and were treated in hospitals for more than couple of years without a great result. One of the child’s mother, Dorota Gudaniec is now called “Mother of Cannabis” because of the fight and dedication she put in well-being of her son and battling the laws that prevent her child of being treated with only thing that works. Before that, condition of her child was so dramatic that mother was told at the hospital to stop freaking out and let him die. She didn’t, she sifted through the internet and found out the story of US girl, Charlotte Figi that was treated with CBD rich cannabis. After that, the only doctor that was willing to help her getting the medication, was dr. Marek Bachański. From almost a year now, seizures dropped to couple a month and her son can smile and express his emotions in a way almost every child does.

We ( Pro-Cannabis movement) didn’t get why CZD is willing to remove Bachański from curing his patients even if there are so many positive results coming from it. But not so far ago, things started clearing out the possible reason why Bachański needs to go. CZD official, that accused Bachański of not doing paper work, unlawful treatment and overall irresponsibility was Katarzyna Kotulska-Jóźwiak, that is a deputy director of Child Health Center and also a wife of Sergiusz Jóźwiak that runs a project named “EPISTOP” which mission is to find new drugs that can help in drug-resistant epilepsy. This project was funded a grant of 10 milion euros from European Union and this is only a donation, overall project budget is much higher. This findings have inspired one of the politics, Andrzej Rozenek to prevent this madness, and he informed Central Bureau of Investigation and Prosecutors about a possible fraud.

Children’s fate is still not settled, as CZD wanted to treat those children with Sativex – a medical THC that is intended for people with multiple-sclerosis and not for children with drug-resistant epilepsy – those children need CBD rich extracts, with only small amount of THC. Every patient that was under Bachański supervision is asked to come to Warsaw, where Child Health Center is located for further examination and health check before they will sign another medical marijuana transport.

We are outraged by CZD behavior where procedures are more important than children life…


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